How it all started and how it all starts.

// What’s in it for me? – A new blog dedicated to leadership and management – ideas – tools – expert interviews – short articles – sharing experience //


We are Sabine Laussegger-Wegerer and Magdalena Kleestorfer. Over the course of more than 10 years our professional paths have crossed many times. And since we also happen to get along very well in private, we came up with the idea of starting something together. The only remaining question was – what could that be?

We are fascinated by the magic of learning and passionate about supporting people as they grow and surpass themselves. We are also big fans of exchanging experience, which is exactly what we want to do – share our experience with you. So we decided to create a blog for managers (and everybody interested in leadership, development and learning). Now, before you turn away, thinking to yourself “Aren’t there enough bloggers out there already?” – just give it a try. We are in the midst of an experiment. For this purpose we are introducing Marie. Marie, by the way, could just as well be called Fatima, Vladimir, Franz or Xiu. She has just become the manager of a team and is faced with the challenges that every leader has to face on a daily basis. In order to do well in her job, Marie will talk to experts, try out new techniques, read inspiring books and sometimes walk an extra mile to reach her goals. We will accompany Marie on her journey and publish a brief story about her every month on this blog.

We would be more than happy if we could inspire and spark new ideas in people who are currently writing down the stories of their careers.

So, let’s get started – please welcome Marie!


Note: Gender-sensitive language is important to us because we believe that language creates reality. However, there is a danger of making texts awkward to read that goes along with that. We don’t want you to get stuck in our sentences, so let’s just put it like this: Everything you read on here is meant for everybody, regardless of gender.


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