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Executive development

Key elements of progressive leadership:

  • Leadership means the alignment of the overall view and development within the company
  • To achieve visions with pragmatism
  • The adoption of an inner, distinct and enthusiastic yes towards the responsibilities in a leadership role
  • To identify and cultivate the individual talents and strengths of staff
  • Balance between a result-orientated and humane existence
  • Personal reflection and the ability to accept criticism, with a higher ethical standards
  • Push for ongoing development of One's own character

Our range of competence:

  • Clear, goal-oriented leadership
  • Find an appreciation for and understanding of systemic organizations
  • Training in solution-oriented thinking and performance
  • Establishment of leadership with visions and goals
  • Strengthening of internal readiness to take on the totality of a leadership position
  • Perception and intuition training as a resource
  • Instruction on the elements of effective leadership