Virtual Meeting Management Part III

The Process

You probably have heard this before: 55% of our communication is the tone of our voice, 38% is facial gestures and body language, and only 7% is our actual words.

In many of our meetings online, video conferencing is not possible. Moreover, owing to the transmission, our voices often sound mechanical. Sometimes there is interfering noise.  What’s left is our words and our speaking rate. We should therefore choose our words wisely during online meetings and talk straight to the point. This takes us back to the preparation phase – if you are well prepared, you are able to bring your message across in a concise way.

Tip: During online meetings it is therefore even more important to speak clearly and understandably. Include pauses and speak slowly, otherwise nobody will be able to follow you for long.

Just like in “offline meetings”: Monologues are not acceptable online! Involve your audience. Address them directly and use feedback loops on a regular basis. This will help to bring some of your “meeting zombies” back to life 😉.

Tip: Keep on smiling 😊! Smile during your meetings, if it is appropriate to do so. Studies say that this has a positive effect on the person opposite you.

PS: Currently we are constantly faced with online appointments and conferences. This can be exhausting! Make sure to include breaks between the sessions in order to “recharge”. When organizing your meetings, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be longer than 90 minutes. If they are, take a longer break after that time.

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