Progress needs

Every advancement requires a change

Progress needs

Every advancement requires a change

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We are your partner on the journey to untapped opportunities and hidden potentials

Redefining the Possible


Together with our clients, we create tailored development strategies that sustainably change both organizational and personnel levels

Activating Leadership Intelligence


We support executives in combining meaningful visions with tangible reality

Organizational development

Our Action Plan

In close cooperation with our clients, we identify individual development needs – both at an organizational and a personal level.

Through our expertise, we promote the synchronization of corporate structures as well as the development of executives and their teams.

Our goal is to support you on your professional journey, to identify opportunities, and to fully leverage potential. We follow a respectful, professional and sustainable approach.

Our international expertise is based on systemic and solution-oriented methods.

Redefining the Possible

Successful organizations are founded on the following principles:

  •  Loyalty
  •  Self-responsibility with an ethical foundation
  • Clearly defined corporate goals
  • Transparent structures
  • Efficient processes

The perfect alignment of these aspects ensures efficiency and corporate success.
A system perspective facilitates the understanding of essential changes.


Our Expertise:

  • Organizational development
  • International leadership development programs
  • Team development
  • Innovative talent management and development

Activating Leadership Intelligence

Key aspects of visionary leadership:

A visionary leader maintains a balance between focus on outcome and empathy, reflects on oneself and offers constructive criticism with ethical integrity. Priority is given to the continuous development of their own personality. True leadership focuses on continuous growth by combining vision with realism. A positive inner attitude, a sense of responsibility and the promotion of employees are crucial.


Our Expertise:

  • Performance enhancement through supervision and coaching
  • Assisted reflection process
  • Peer group coaching
  • International team coaching


Use our self-coaching tool to complete your development process.

Our AI chatbot is available 24/7. It guides you into reflection and creates clarity. Structured and without waiting time for quick solutions.


Discover the benefits

Symbolon-KI Coaching®

In coaching with the Symbolon Method® we use symbols and archetypes to effectively decipher current personal core issues, motivations as well as obstacles and blockages through accompanied reflection processes.
Deep, essential content, but often inaccessible to the rationally dominated consciousness, can thus be systematically illuminated, and processed.
The more digital the individual work situation and our entire environment becomes, the more important real personal strength and inner stabilization become. This is not only for personal advancement, but also to remain mentally healthy in an environment characterized by time and performance pressures and to live a personal and professional life.

Symbolon-Coaching® works, among other things, with classical artworks that allow the coachee an associative approach to his/her subconscious mind and allow a rational approach and beliefs to come into the background.
As an effective measure for the formation of understanding, the transformation of patterns and the development of values, the Symbolon Method® is the appropriate instrument.The Symbolon profile for potential analysis for executives and management or for team development is used successfully by numerous companies internationally.

Symbolon® is ICF-certified, its effectiveness is scientifically proven.

A Symbolon AI Coaching® session lasts 1 to 2 hours and can be accessed flexibly at
any time.

Simply send us your inquiry or order by email:

Sabine Laussegger-Wegerer

  • Founder
  • Executive coaching of managers in multinational corporations
  • Reflection guide in international talent development programs
  • Team developer
  • Supervisory board member

Committed and visionary leaders inspire and retain motivated employees.


People are the most important thing for Sabine! I am one of the lucky ones to have been coached by her, 15 years ago at the beginning of my management career and after a long break recently. She has the gift of giving exactly the advice I needed after only five minutes of listening. Her way of motivating with simple words is just amazing. She has the gift of changing the view and turning problems into opportunities. Dear Sabine, thank you so much for your support and energy!

Joachim R.

I had the pleasure to have Sabine as my personal coach for a period of one year. Her emphatic and practical approach, coupled with profound knowledge about different business dynamics, greatly supported me in getting new perceptions of challenging situations I faced, as well as in better managing and presenting myself. Thank you Sabine for the great support, your honest feedback and the interesting but also fun discussions we had!


Thomas Z.
Mondi Group

Sabine's coaching has been an incredible asset for my team‘s development and on my own leadership journey. Three years ago, my newly established team and I started working with Sabine. With her continued help we as a team were able to identify our unique combination of strengths and how to bring them to the forefront in order to add utmost value to our business. Sabine is a strong coach who can read the situation and read between the lines. She uses her power of observation to provide feedback, which is personalized and forward-looking. I am very satisfied with Sabine‘s support and she remains for sure my contact for ideas, innovations and personal coaching. Should you have the opportunity to work with her, you may feel very appreciated.


Michael S.
Mondi Group

Sabine is one of the best professional coaches I've ever had during my career development. With her positive attitude, charisma, and passion, she helped us to improve our leadership style and to find the proper way to run our teams and business better. Many thanks and all the best!


Stefan T.

Sabine has supported me to establish and strengthen my leadership skills: she is a very active and precise listener, who always comes up with good proposals how to manage specific situations properly. In addition to her vast knowledge she always offers a variety of real examples that makes it easy to understand and apply her ideas & strategies into real life situations. I have learned a lot about myself and how to reflect and react in certain situations. Something I am using day by day. Thank you so much Sabine, it was very inspiring!


Richard D.
Mondi Group

Dear Sabine, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your coaching. In summary: Inspirational, help for self-help, warm and constructive. Thank you for that.


Andrea T.
Nitto Denko Corporation

With the deep expertise and hands-on support of Sabine I could lead and manage successful an organizational/ team transformation within challenging environment over the last two years. Thank you!


Clemens E.
Mondi Group

Sabine has been a great support and gave me guidance in the early years of my carrier. Her spot on observations and fruitful discussions have help me grow personally and in my professional life.


Fabian W.

I had the chance to have Sabine as a coach while being enrolled in an OMV leadership development program, throughout a period of two years. Besides her obvious experience in coaching top managers, her positive attitide, open communication, patience and empathy have significantly helped me develop in a very individual way, both as a manager and as a person.


Mihnea S.
Karolinska Institutet

The coaching with Sabine Lausegger has been very helpful for my personal and professional development and has been great fun.


Michael W.
EPS Ethylen-Pipeline-Süd GmbH & Co. KG

I had the pleasure to work with Sabine in 2019/2020, when she strongly supported me with individual coaching sessions for more than a year. I can only recommend working with her - she is highly professional, honest and full of empathy, though very clear in her communication & feedback, motivating & inspiring when needed, but also persistant, questionning and challenging with a great sense of humor and solution focused approach. I really enjoyed working with her and will not hesitate to ask for her support in challenging times. Thanks for your support Sabine.


Michaele M.
Mondi Group

I had the opportunity to experience Sabine’s inspiring and transformational coaching during multiple Leadership training sessions. She was listening, emphasizing, questioning and giving feedback in order to help me through my personal change process. During the coaching process I experienced Sabine on the one hand as understanding and empathic and on the other hand as goal focused and solution focused. It was a pleasure working with Sabine.


Barbara L.

I worked with Sabine last year as part of a team workshop. In addition to Sabine's high level of professionalism, she managed to quickly build trust with all participants and competently guide us through the process. With all her empathy, she never lost sight of the big picture.


Karin G.
Austrian Power Grid AG

Sabine guided me through several sessions. She was a great counterpart to challenge me and help me develop. She has a great communication style which makes you reflect and is also filled with humour. I was part of a team that she lead through a multi-day workshop. At the end of the workshop we had made great process and I'm sure we couldn't have done it without Sabine!


Jillian A.

Working with Sabine as a coach in a company internal talent development program was very helpful for me! I always had the feeling that this was not about receiving superficial advice but that there was a genuine interest in supporting me and bringing me forward. Feedback was very honest without any filters or beautification. Which was very helpful. Fully recommended!


Dominik A.
OMV Petrom

It was more than ten years that I have been accompanied by Sabine. She was a great sparring partner on my journey through various positions in 4 different companies. With her great understanding of business environments paired with her social intelligence she helped finding solutions in challenging moments, create win-win solutions for the company, and in the end stimulating my business creativity. Thank you Sabine, I am very much looking forward to continuing my work with you at the earliest occasion 🙂


Josef A.
TAG – Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH

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